Merit Rodla Carbon gravel handlebars

New gravel carbon handlebars with usefull loop.
Loop is ready for alternative grab positions and together next tool space.
Best possible mix of materials for lightness, durability and comfort. 

Tech Specs

Material: lightweight carbon fiber
Width: gravel optimized
options 440, 460, 480mm.
Drop: 110mm for comfy ride in drops.
Flare: huge flare 25° for perfect bike contol.
Reach: 75mm with a lot of space for hands on the hoods.
Top section: ergonomic
Cable routing: partial internal
Stem clamp and levers torque: 5Nm (max)
Stem clamp diameter: 31,8mm


Loop offer next grab positions useful to ride against wind or for climbing.
Space for next tools - lights, computers, bags.
Top part of handlebars is flat pleasant for your palms.
Ready for inside and outside cable routing prepared for easy servicing.
Rough and reinforced material for better stem, hoods grip and mount.
Marks for easy servicing and keep same geometry.