Full carbon frame for all activities. Awesome speed road geometry together with cross and mtb tires clearance. You don't need 3 specials for road, gravel
and XC. All what you need is ✚ MERIT PLUS and a few pairs of wheels, cassettes or chain rings.

29er frames are not only for tall people – they are for all. We say adieu to smaller wheels. Our bikes are nimble and stiff!
Try our Mountain Bike.

Our concept optimizes lightness, stiffness, aerodynamics and comfort, creating a no-compromises carbon machine that you’ll enjoy every trip, training or race.  

▓ Our new gravel Merit Plus frames are in stock. Full carbon frame is made for all cycling activities. Awesome hi-speed geometry together with road, cross and mtb tires clearance. Just switch wheels to road, gravel or XC.

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