Ben Steurbaut

Endurance Atlete / Bikepacking Racer
(35 years - Belgium)

2015: TCR03 - 9th
2016: Tuscany Trail - Winner
2016: French Divide - Winner
2017: Great Divide - 3th

Since I had to stop playing soccer 5 years ago I got addicted to cycling and it became a way of life. In 2014 I decided to try something new, so I started training for my first bikepacking race. A fantastic experience with unexpected result. Since then, my focus is on long distance races and bikepacking events.

Ben ride our Merit Plus gravel bike.


MTB Bikepacking Racer 
(Czech Republic)

2010: Loudání - 2nd
2011: 1000 miles - 3th
2014: 1000 miles - Winner
2014: Loudání - 2nd
2016: Italy Divide - 2nd
2016: Loudání - 2nd
2016: 1000 miles - 2nd
2017: Šediváčkuv long - 2nd
2017: Loudání - Winner
2018: Italy Divide - 2nd
2018: Navad1000 - Winner
2019: Loudání - Winner

"Head is fuel, body is machine"

It combines art and sport (especially cycling) through craftsmanship in various projects. Creates among other things, bicycle photography, illustration and promotion of sporting brands. He creates a community of people around bikepacking through various projects.

Štěpán ride our MTB Merit Professor.