We are a small garage brand founded by one enthusiast and one ex pro rider. We focus only to products and activities what we use or do ourself for many years. We have no ambition to compete with top brands who produce all categories of bikes. We produce only what we use ourself. We can respond quickly to new market requirements, we offer individual approach and effort. We build complete bikes fundamentally after consultation with customer related to their wish and possibilities. 


Frame production we entrust to proven manufacturer in Taiwan. We knew a few quality UCI tested frames from these group of enthusiasts from the past. These knowledge together with  all used technologies and quality of interaction was the clear choice where to continue with production. All frames are tested according to EN standards.  


We produce frames from materials bought from Japanese giant Toray Industries who process their materials since 1926. They supply their carbon materials for example to Boeing airplane factory. 


Every advanced biker has his favorite components and don't want to change them. We can recommend you parts tested by us and build you all bike using them, but we don't want to be much clever to decide instead of you. We build full bikes just after consultation.